Your First Bodywork Session
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After setting up your appointment, download and
complete this medical questionnaire and bring it with
you, so that your therapist can properly customize your
session to meet your massage goals and your body's
unique needs.
Arrive at the studio, where your therapist escorts you to your therapy room. After
reviewing your completed questionnaire the therapist exits your room and asks
you to dress down to your level of comfort.
No worries, you will not be lying
naked with a itty-bitty towel on you, like in the movies.
You will be fully
covered by sheets and as the therapist works they will drape around your body to
only expose the body part they are presently working on.
At some point during your session, the warmth of a hot towel will relax your back
muscles and your feet will enjoy the same tantalizing heat from a few well placed
hot towels. Halfway through your session you will be asked to turn over, at which
point the therapist will tent your covers so you can turn with out exposing yourself
or accidentally pulling the sheets off your body. Once you are settled, the opposite
side of your body will be professionally massaged until the end of your session.
Upon completion of your session the therapist will exit the room, allowing you time
to dress and recover from the session. A knock at the door, an ok from you and the
therapist enters the room with a complementary bottle of purified water to help
flush the toxins, we just helped to release, from your body. You will receive
recommendations from your therapist, checkout, schedule your next session and
leave feeling the wonderful feeling you only get from an excellent massage.  
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