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My name is Derrick Mccoy and I am a Clinical Acupuncture Intern at the MUIH and I am grateful to share some
information about Acupuncture with you and hopefully get you curious enough to visit me for an appointment.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine, that may be anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 years old, that
uses the placement of pins (not needles ) at specific points on the body to facilitate the continuous movement of
Qi, which is a vital ethereal life force that must flow and move throughout our body, much like blood, to ensure
the healthy balance of physical, mental and spiritual processes in each of us.

How does it work?

When Qi, gets blocked and or doesn’t move, it shows up as illness in our bodies. So, as acupuncturists we
facilitate the continuous and free movement of Qi to help maintain the health of our clients.

Where did Acupuncture come from?

We do not know for sure where Acupuncture originated AND one of the potential explanations is that soldiers
wounded in battles in various parts of their bodies, observed changes in their body as a result of their wounds
and somehow these changes were recorded, cataloged  and relationships were established that gave rise to a
map of sorts, of different points on the body and their affects on the
body, much like you would mark a particular location on a map. These points were then grouped together and
used to form meridians, which are points that have similar effects on a particular organ or spiritual and or
mental quality of the health of an individual. If an individual point is a place on a map, a meridian would be a
route from one point to another made up of way points along the path toward your given destination.
We do know that the earliest Chinese medical text to document the history and practice of acupuncture is the
Classic of Internal Medicine which was compiled around 305-204 BC. Since then, the use of acupuncture has
increased. In 1977 President Nixon observed patients being treated with acupuncture during a visit in China and
James Reston, a New York Times reporter who was treated while there, upon his return was instrumental in
introducing Acupuncture to the West. Finally in 1997, the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) formally
recognized acupuncture as a mainstream medicine healing option with a statement documenting the
procedure's safety and efficacy for treating a range of health conditions.  

Why get Acupuncture?

Why should you get regular Acupuncture treatments?
The answer for everyone is simply STRESS. Stress is why you should get regular acupuncture treatments.
What do I mean by stress? Stress is defined as pressure, tension, worry, anxiety, a state of mental or emotional
strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Stress is anything that causes your
body tension whether its on a mental, physical and or spiritual level.
You know someone who experiences stress on a daily basis. Everyone has bills, personal issues, family issues,
job issues, kids, relationship challenges, and or car problems. All of these things cause us to tense up in some
way and that affects your body, which affects your Qi resulting in things getting a little stuck sometimes and
requiring a little energetic push in the right direction to get you going in a healthier more relaxed way again. You
may recognize this stress in our western language as migraines, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic body pain,
constipation, diarrhea etc.

I am a professional licensed massage therapist and I have performed thousands of massage sessions and I
have observed through my profession many types of people all having the need for stress relief in some way
shape fashion or form, whether it be a mental, physical, or spiritual relief that’s required. Speaking from my
professional massage therapist experience I realized I am an expert at relieving physical tensions in the body,
muscles and ligaments and sinews can easily be addressed with massage with the proper technique AND I
observed clients who after a great session still were suffering from mental and spiritual tensions that I could not
address. My massages did not address and provide relief for these clients. I needed a modality that could help
my clients find balance, or peace from mental and spiritual stress, Acupuncture is the answer. Acupuncture is
unique in that if you have challenges in the spiritual, mental, and/or physical realm there is a point or points on
that wonderful and incredible body of yours that can help you face your challenges from a place of balance and

What does an acupuncture session look like?

An acupuncture session will initally look very similar to what you are use to when you see a western doctor, the
white coat, the examination table, the physical exam, then it will be completely different. Every acupuncture
appointment will take on its own flavor based upon how you show up that day. You will generally sit and share
information with your acupuncturist about whats going on in your life and how your body is showing up in the
face of whatever life’s circumstances are for you. Through observations of your bodied phenomena, your
pulses, which are felt at your wrists by your acupuncturist and give information to your therapist about the
strength and health of specific organs in your body, your color in your face, your vibrancy in your eyes etc, and
what you say, the acupuncturist will craft a unique treatment to facilitate your Qi, flowing in any areas that show
up as potential areas of blockage or stagnation. The points will be pinned and you will be asked to be present
to any observations in how you show up differently after having been given a slight energetic push helping you
find the peace you need to keep your body healthy.

Where can you receive treatment and whats the fee for service?

I am currently accepting and treating clients under the supervision of licensed acupuncturists at the Natural
Care Center in Laurel, MD. I would be honored to have the pleasure of working with
YOU. We will explore  
different possibility in managing how your stress shows up in your life, while helping me to gain practical clinical
experience ultimately culminating in my licensure and more importantly your rediscovery of a healthier more
rewarding and peaceful life!.

First Session 1.5 Hrs  $70
Subsequent Sessions 1.0 Hr  $55

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