On Site Massage...
Introductory Massage Special
Our massage therapists bring all the necessary equipment to include
massage tables, massage chairs,  premium lotions and oils,
aromatherapy as well as music. All you have to do is provide a quiet 8'x
5' area that will be secure from interruptions for the duration of your
massage. Then all you do is relax, unwind, and let go, while our   
professionally licensed and registered massage  therapist craft a
customized massage that  addresses your body's  need for relaxation,
stress release, or muscle pain relief. Upon the completion of your
session our therapists pack up quickly and quietly, leaving you to enjoy
the warm after effects of a custom  massage crafted to meet your
unique needs in a convenient and comfortable environment.
"After being on my feet all day and driving hundreds of miles, I need a massage. I
call Bodywork. They send a therapist to the house, who quickly sets up the table,
lotions, and the music  while I answer a short health questionnaire. I get a
wonderful massage and then they leave and I can just relax...at home!"
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1 hour

Oils & Lotions

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